1250L DT 1250 Dump Trailer with Hydraulic Tip – for compact tractor


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Dump Trailer
Designed, engineered and hand crafted in Northern Ireland for maximum strength and durability.
Quad-X were pioneers in developing the commercial spec Dump Trailer for ATV, UTV and Compact Tractors.
Available in sizes up to 1250L the Dump Trailer is a result of years of intricate designing, rigorous testing and customer feedback considering every factor right down to how the trailer tips out a heavy load to limit the drag.
As a result, the Dump Trailer is one of our best selling machines built for hard work, easy tipping and hassle free emptying.
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If a smaller capacity is adequate please have a look at our mechanical tipping trailer or range of plastic tipping trailers
Special design for maximum strength and minimum weight
This dump trailer has been developed to a heavy duty specification for heavier loads and for use with larger ATVs and utility vehicles (UTVs) or compact tractors. By using 3-D finite element analysis on the trailer chassis and body we have been able to develop it for maximum strength and minimum weight. Press strengthened sides add to the robust body.
The trailer design creates less drag when tipping a large load.

Pivot bogie suspension allows for easier towing over uneven terrain.

Knobby flotation tyres
Knobby flotation tyres make it suitable for wet conditions. Special heavy walled 22-11×8 tyres are used to handle heavier loads.

Swivel hitch
A swivel hitch is fitted as standard for safety.
Greasable bushes are used for long life.

Jockey wheel
The jockey wheel is fitted as standard to allow for easy coupling.

Automatic door system
The dump trailer benefits from an automatic door open/close system for quick and easy tipping. This means more time on the job without having to leave your seat.

Tipping system
3 tipping options are available:

Electric hydraulic
Finish for durability

To protect your investment, the dump trailer body is shot blasted and goes through a 4 stage pre finish treatment and then a 2 stage poly coating process, to ensure a quality finish for durability and to help prevent corrosion. The two colour black/red finish creates an eye catching trailer.

The chassis and draw-bar are galvanised for durability.
We offer environmentally sound specialist coatings that offer corrosion protection from mechanical damage as well as chemical & weathering resistance. Our specialist powder coating offers an excellent long-lasting, and colour-durable quality finish that is extremely decorative and resistant to chemicals, chipping, fading and wearing.
The powder coating finish is also virtually pollution-free, with very little wastage in the application process, containing no solvents and producing almost zero volatile organic compounds.
Powder coating is finished to the British Standards BS EN 12206 : 2004 and BS EN 13438:2005