27x11x14 | 8ply | Deli | Maxi Grip Ultra SG781 | ATV / SXS Tyre


Maxi Grip Ultra SG-781 | ATV / Side-By-Side | 27×1

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Maxi Grip Ultra SG-781 | ATV / Side-By-Side | 27x11x14

Designed for The UK's & Ireland's varied farming terrain – soft and steep and frequent towing.

Features & Benefits

Tread depth is a whopping 30mm (alternative tyres are around 24 to 26mm)

Wide & flat footprint while maintaining OEM size spec – delivers superior traction & stability for towing & hill country work

Cleats are thicker than the standard Maxi Grip, yet still flexible delivering an excellent self-clearing tread

8-ply rated for extra puncture resistance

Workshop time to fit is minimal and thus good economy 

World-class quality control – these are the benchmark for producers of ATV and UTV tyres


Distributed exclusively in the UK & Ireland by ATV City