Chain Harrow 1.8m (6ft)


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Quad-X harrows are 3 way harrows, manufactured from a 11mm high-tensile steel. They have been developed specifically to suit ATVs / UTVs (other standard harrows projection and angles are suited to tractors which travel more slowly).

With a Quad-X harrow you have peace of mind that you are not wasting your money or your time. They are ideal for :
grass harrowing
levelling horse arenas
removing moss
seed or bed preparation
horse manure spreading
The chain harrow is 6ft / 1.8m
It is 5ft/1.45m long.

High tensile steel
11mm high tensile steel. Strong and durable to get your job done for years to come.

3 way harrow
The harrow incorporates a series of protruding prongs. The harrow can be positioned in 3 different ways to suit the type of harrowing you want to do.
You can have the prongs:
facing forward and downward for intensive harrowing
facing backwards and downward for less aggressive harrowing
facing upwards for more of a levelling effect
Quick Attach

The drawbar pin will easily attach to any 50mm ball hitch and can be used with a quad, UTV, 4×4 or tractor.