EZ Trail CV Boot Tool


EZ Trail Boot Tool

Whether you ride trails or

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EZ Trail Boot Tool

Whether you ride trails or use your vehicle for work it’s not uncommon for a CV boot to require replacement. Fortunately there is a new tool on the market that makes the job easier than ever before. Rather than removing the entire axle from the differential all you need to do is remove the wheel and outer knuckle exposing the CV axle. The EZ Trail CV Boot let you slide the universal boot over the cone and then the cone goes over the CV joint and allows you to slide the boot onto the axle.

Material is expandable yet tough enough to be a permanent fix.

Two clamping diameters ensure a good fit on most vehicles.

Boot material stays flexible even in extremely cold temperatures.

Save your expensive axles, carry a kit in your tool box as an inexpensive quick repair and never miss a ride.

Kit includes one universal boot, one reusable cone tool, two stainless steel clamps, grease pack, silicone cone lube and instructions.

Lithium based Molybdenum Grease insures good lubrication for long CV joint life.


*This is a UNIVERSAL fit CV boot and may require trimming of any excess rubber.



EZ Universal Boot Kit P/n 600.AB050