Hand Brake | Polaris | Ranger 1000 Diesel 2015-19 / Ranger 570 2016 – 2019


Disk Pad Set for Hand Brake | Polaris | Ranger 100

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Disk Pad Set for Hand Brake | Polaris | Ranger 1000 2015-19

Used On:


Ranger 1000 Diesel (2015-19)

Ranger 570 2016-2019

RZR 1000 XP 2019


Fitting Manual (Receieved from a happy customer!)

Fitting Instructions (from personal experience)

1 Lift the cab and remove the bottom link of the gas strut for better access

2 Remove the clevis pins from gear selector and handbrake cables

3 Slacken the adjusting nuts of both cables so they come away from the bracket

4 Remove the two bolts holding the bracket and pad assembly

5 Note the orientation of the bracket,pads and operating arm (they can be assembling in many different incorrect ways) and remove

6 Remove the pad assembly and use cutting disc or saw to remove the rivetted pins

7 Carefully open, clean and lubricate the operating lever and spring mechanism (don’t lose the springs or the three loose ball bearings)

8 Reassemble springs, lever and new pads with supplied bolts (this is where step number 5 above really matters)

9 Refit in reverse order to above steps

10 Be pleased that you now have a good brake with better pads


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